What has actually happened to the "xx messenger" from elixxir?

Unfortunately, there is no longer a working download link in the Apple App Store to install it in iOS. Apparently the xx messenger has been removed from the App Store.

Where can I still find a working download? Tip?

Is the xx messenger still being developed?
Or has it simply been given a different name under which it can currently be found?
I hope that you will keep this software alive. That would be desirable.

Thank you for your commitment



The messenger is no longer being maintained but to my knowledge does still work if you can install it.
iOS: elixxir / xx messenger iOS · GitLab
Android: elixxir / xx Messenger Android · GitLab
The priorities shifted to more web3 based solutions, as trying to launch a full featured messenger appeared to be a hard market to crack, and the software behind the initial versions of XX messenger is now somewhat redundant.

Current work is on the xxDK with some example apps for multiple platforms here: xx network / xxdk-examples · GitLab

The community hangs out more on the discord and telegram fyi if you need more info.

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THX very much for your statement Pat.