User Interface Feedback: Unresponsive Side Menu/Hamburger Menu

Platform: Android
OS Version: 10
Network type: WiFi
Issue type: Bug
App version: 1.0
Build number: 445
SDK version: 4.0.0

At least on the Android app, the side menu items only responds to tapping directly on the text label (e.g. “Profile”).

Tapping the space to the right of the item doesn’t do anything and tapping on the item’s icon doesn’t do anything. This makes the app feel unresponsive as users end up tapping multiple times before tapping on the text.

I suggest that the entire length of the side menu be allowed to handle tap events instead of just the text.

Thanks for this report. There have been improvements made on this recently but I have experienced the same issues. Please bear with us as we continue to work through and improve the responsiveness over time.

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