Tranche 4 Selection

Tranche 4 has been released

We received 100 applications For Tranche 4, our final MainNet Transition Program tranche, of which 75 node operators were selected. When performing this selection for Tranche 4, the team prioritized:

  1. Geographic Distribution
  2. Length of time as a node
  3. Performance

Being the final tranche of the MainNet Transition program, we wanted to make sure to consider each application individually, and especially took care to select our longest supporters whenever possible.

Like previous tranches, the team first chose to back nodes which have a wide geographic distribution in order to ensure the network is well-seeded for MainNet. We created quotas for each region and then within that region selected nodes based on performance. For most regions, all well-performing nodes were selected except Eastern Europe, where a small number of generally well performing nodes did not make the cut. Due to the overwhelming support in these regions, there is little we can do to fully solve these problems, but we were able to partially mitigate it by rearranging the bins. Finland, Hungary, Estonia, and Greece were moved to the Central Europe Bin, allowing more nodes remaining in the “Eastern Europe” bin to be selected. Also, some node operators were not selected because while the node was in a less populated region, the operator themself is a citizen of a country overrepresented within the network.

Once the first pass was completed, we took a more personal look at who was selected and who was not. Those of us active within the community reviewed the selected group of nodes to make sure it represents a good cross section of the community.

At this point in time, the team has selected a total of 349 nodes for the MainNet Transition program and do not plan on accept any more at this time, with the exception of a small number of nodes who could not be accepted at this time due to legal issues, and which we hope to be able to accept in the future.

As it stands, the bins shake out as follows:

North America South And Central America Western Europe Central Europe Eastern Europe Middle East Northern Africa Southern Africa Russia Eastern Asia Western Asia Oceania Total
Previous Tranches 42 6 49 39 57 1 0 4 57 3 10 5 273
Tranche 4 18 4 13 6 17 0 0 1 10 3 2 1 75
Total 60 10 62 45 74 1 0 5 67 6 12 6 348

Those selected today should begin onboarding immediately and will be able to get the team multiplier on 1/6/2020.

Selected nodes who have already used their coins to nominate, but did not set a cMix ID, will find themselves unable to onboard without waiting 28 days. This will be fixed next week in a forthcoming update, you can read more here: Release notes xxnetwork-chain v0.2.1


The table says Total = 348.

Is that the total number of all validator slots available on the network, or just the slots reserved for participants in MainNet Transition program (those who qualify for Team Multiplier)?

Is there a hard limit (say, 400) of validator slots on the network?

The reason I’m asking is currently I see the maximum number of slots in Explorer is 325 (and not 349), which isn’t enough even for Tranche 4 let alone independent validators, which is a little confusing.

Will the number be raised to 349 (and beyond?) as Tranche 4 people come on board, and is that the maximum the network can accept or just the number of MainNet Transition Program participants who’ve transitioned so far?

348 is the number of nodes that were accepted into the MainNet Transition Program.

“The xx network plans to have 550 active nodes via an election in which the nodes with the most stake from themselves and the community are chosen to be active. The network will launch with 425 nodes, expanding to 550 shortly after. The maximum number of validators may be changed with community governance.”

The number of slots/validators will change over time.