Tranche 2 Selection Announced!

The team received over 300 applications for Tranche 2 and the MainNet Transition Program and selected 102 node operators. When selecting for tranche 2, the team prioritized:

  1. Geographic Distribution
  2. Performance
  3. Length of time as a node

First and foremost, the team chose to back nodes which have a wide geographic distribution in order to ensure the network is well seeded for MainNet. The team created quotas for each region and then within that region selected the best performing nodes in a first pass, and then deviated slightly to include well performing nodes who have supported the xx network since the beginning.

Once the second pass was completed, we took a more personal look at who was selected and who was not. Those of us active within the community reviewed the selected to make sure it represents a good cross section of the community.

At this point in time, less than half of all nodes to be selected as part of the MainNet transition program have been selected. We believe that the next steps of this process will be similar - focusing on geography, performance and community.

11 Nodes also applied to join the ProtoNet without joining the MainNet Transition Program, all of whom will be given access.

As it stands, the bins shake out as follows:

Americas WesternEurope CentralEurope EasternEurope MiddleEast Africa Russia Asia Total
1st Traunche - MainNet Transition 9 10 8 11 1 1 12 4 56
1st Traunche - ProtoNet Transition 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1
2nd Traunche - MainNet Transition 20 18 13 20 4 1 19 7 102
1st Traunche - MainNet Transition 0 0 2 4 0 0 4 1 11
Sum 29 28 23 36 5 2 35 12 170

Those selected today will be given access on Monday, August 23rd. They will have until September 5th to onboard their node to the ProtoNet or they will need to reapply to the MainNet Transition Program.


I got into the second tranche, it’s cool and thanks! :sun_with_face: :metal:


Thank you for the invitation to the Tranche 2! :beers:

Hello to the fellow team 2 Tranchers. See you inside :+1:

Take me tooo =))

Thanks for selecting me and my node. Really happy to be part of the tranche 2 selection! :slight_smile:


Thnx for selecting my node for tranche 2.