TIMEOUTS after new update

crazy - 20+% timeouts :confused:

guys, please reset dashboard after this test…

omg, time to spend/use uptime policy? :unamused:

@Zero We are aware of how the upgrade affects nodes’ failure rates. Nodes that meet spec are being paired with nodes that do not meet spec.

If your node is using a GPU, do not try to compensate by “spend/use uptime”, it will not help and only make the situation worse.

We will make the necessary adjustments and considerations at the end of November to the success requirements so that nodes which do meet spec will still be rewarded.


But the Node has all the spec from the list but still many timeouts now, especially the last 2 days.]

@emiel We performed an update to the node software that requires greater computational power. We also reduced the team size to 2 temporarily. If your node has a GPU, the increase in failures is likely due to your node being paired with an under-performing CPU node. Nearly every node will be experiencing higher failure rates for the next few days. Additionally, we will adjust the failure rate requirements to take into account failures due to this upgrade.

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Thnx Keith!

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Any news about error rate policy adjustments for GPU nodes for November?

No, not yet. We won’t until the monthly stats have been tabulated. Adjustments and exceptions will be made as needed. And as always, if one feels we have made a mistake, they’re always welcome to contact us.

:ok_hand: :+1:

Where your node is located ?

Timeout decrease if you have right specs compared some days ago.