Speakeasy tips

Thread for Speakeasy tips


  • Works: Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, MS Edge, Brave
  • Works, but with issues: Opera
  • Doesn’t work: Tier 3 browsers, Tor Browser

Browser privacy

  • Disable Incognito/Private mode (Speakeasy encrypts some of its cache in browser cache, which private mode disables)


  • None are required with your own or official instance (there’s no tracking or ads)
  • Extensions may run as long as they don’t interfere with Speakeasy, but may spy on you
  • Brave Shield may need to be disabled for the Speakeasy web site


  • One way to avoid extensions is to create a Speakeasy profile and use it only for Speakeasy
  • Another is to have a separate Speakeasy-only browser

Clicking on links in Speakeasy

  • Don’t do it - you may leave tracks, de-anonymize yourself, or even get hacked
  • If you have to do it, copy the link, paste it in Tor browser running in an isolated environment

Direct Messages (DM)

  • Enable them on a per-channel basis
  • You don’t need to enable DM to be able to send DMs to a person who has them enabled (e.g. a customer without DM enabled can DM a Support Rep who has DM enabled)

Speakeasy over Tor

  • Not much value if you use the official Speakeasy instance and don’t click on links (or, if you paste links to Tor Browser before you visit them)
  • It is possible to use a regular browser and connect to Speakeasy (and browse the Web) via Tor Socks 5 proxy. This is less secure than using native Tor browser, but it provides the convenience of using the same browser for Speakeasy and browsing