Shift right in chat and slow down

While in the chat list, you can shift left to delete a chat. Reverse shift works.
Now I will describe two options, when shifting to the right, after which there are problems.

  1. Being in the list of chats, if you make a shift to the RIGHT, you will be able to select chats to delete.
    Problem: Reverse shift does not work, but IMPORTANT! the interface starts to slow down, scrolling of chats occurs with an obvious lag.
  2. Being in the list of chats, if you first make a shift LEFT (to delete a specific chat) and then go back and after that make a shift RIGHT, then the interface will not slow down. But the problem also remains that you cannot return to the chat list. The swap does not work, as does the BACK button.

Upd: The Cancel button solves backward shift problems. I didn’t notice her right away

Upd: interface slowdown not 100% in case 1
Perhaps these are not coherent things.

We’ve recreated this, a fix is targeted for version 1.3

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