Separate Node and Gateway Users

Hi everyone,
I’m going to set up a node for the first time. so I’m new to these jobs. I install the node and gateway on separate computers.

It says in the handbook; If running Gateway on a separate machine from Node, then copy gateway_cert.crt, gateway_key.key, and node_cert.crt to the Gateway machine and delete gateway_key.key from the Node machine.

My both Node and Gateway use Linux 18.04 lts server and dont use any software like Windows or etc. They are both connected to internet.

How did you do this copy job? did you use usb stick? or which tools did you dowload on internet and how did you copy cert files?

Which commands did you enter on ubuntu 18.04 server tls to copy or delete from node to gateway?

Thanks in advance for your reply.
Hope to see all as a node soon.

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It think scp is what most people would use assuming you can access both machines via “ssh”.

From node server: scp filename [email protected]:~/

Then log into gateway host and move the files to the correct location.

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The more easy away for M.Windows users is the WinSCP application.