Search contacts or chats searches only for chats

It’s meant to search for all contacts who have chatted with the user, but it does not find contacts who haven’t chatted with the user.

Maybe the text in that search window could be improved to say “Search chats and chat contacts” to clarify that.

Besides Private Chats one can also search in Contacts, as pointed in Discord, where search doesn’t work at all (all contacts get listed regardless of what one searches for)

Search for contacts is partly disabled with other user discovery features–profiles are restricted, so the user can’t search for everything in the profile. It will be re-enabled in version 1.4 when user discovery is feature complete. The focus of the first two testing versions is on network stability + core features, so this version is pretty heavily scoped down. I know the UX is funky at times so thanks for everyone’s patience during testing!!

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