Requests - Share voice messages to another app in Android

While the iOS app supports sharing voice messages, the Android app does not causing an inconsistancy.
Many of my contacts are not available in xx messenger and i would like to reach them with the same voice message i recorded in xx messenger without having to record it again in another app. Basically the vice versa of sending a voice message from WhatsApp and other apps to xx messenger which i use often. Many messengers like Signal, Telegram, Threema, Element support it. Also would enable me forward messages to Scribbn in order to get securely a transcription when i can not listen to them.

The implementation is simple with the Android Sharesheet:

Thanks for your report! The android app now supports voice message sharing. Click the mic icon on the right hand side of the chat box.

@rick at latest v2.02 the feature is not visible yet. Instead to see a share button selecting an audio file i see a button to “copy text”. Is it coming on next release?

how can i help the project the application does not work for me xxmessenger with some friends in spain but i am going to brazil to a governmental level and i would like to make it known because i think this project has to help change everything and this is the moment

@rick at latest v2.04 the feature is not visible yet. Instead to see a share button to share an audio file with a 3d party app i see a button to “copy text” which is of no use. Is the feature coming any time soon ? Tks a lot.

Hi @giorgos – I apparently misunderstood the feature update when I read it. They are working on it and it should be released soon.