Proposal for not have bad node joining mainnet


I have a proposal for stop bad node joining mainnet when go live :slight_smile:
And can be tested on betanet.

It’s possible to add bandwidth, gpu cuda bench, cpu bench, even disk size/IO benchmark before let gw/node process start ?

Bandwidth => you can found an api for here :
CPU => sysbench or stress-ng
GPU => geekbench but may be a little too heavy for add to the package
SSD => You can just check than a local disk of 1tb is available just check “/dev/” with more than “800G” size. For IO :

A node that starts is a node that meets all. No more issue no more time lost for node not having hardware, bandwidth or a cuda not in working state.

Seem not so hard to add these lines of code and very hard to bypass without crack software and can’t have only temporary the requirement.

Open to discuss :slight_smile:


Everything you mentioned would be client side… which can be faked easy…
Only thing i see is letting nodes test each other at random points with random data and random calculations.

For example my node asks your node for a specific calculation that can only be done on gpu to finnish in a timely manner. And if you dont answer in a specific time , i will notify the network that you missed 1 calculation. If you miss more than 100 calculations within a given time, you are out. The number would decrease 1 point per hour.

Everything else is client side and not feasible. I can re-write the code you want to execute or just add a jump in assembler and script that instruction.

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Second problem with the bandwidth test is peerings. You get only a good bandwidth with a single TCP stream if the latency to the target is very low. So a bandwidth test would have to be done with at least 30 simulatnous tcp streams.

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Когда вообще будет основная версия приложения с торгами монетой, и это будет в основном приложении получается?

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You got my vote on this.
Its absurd even to talk about it.
You join in the right mindset and hardware of get losed.

Also the node to node checking is a good idea?

What did the Russian tekst is saying when can we sell coins.
Seem its al they care about.