Problems of creating node and gateway

I’m creating node and gateway.Nearly finished but meet two problems.Could you find someone to help me to solve the problems? I am Very hungry!First is when I create database ,output is can’t create ,cmix is already exists. Second is NTP active still is NO,although I input the code according to the handbook.It would be great pleasure to have it being solved as quickly as possible!Thanks!

First problem is :input :blush: sudo -u postgres createuser --createdb --pwprompt cmix output:createuser: error: creation of new role failed: ERROR: role “cmix” already exists
The second is: System clock synchronized: yes NTP service avtive (do not have yes or no)

  • It is always better to use the same locale (C.UTF-8) as everyone else
  • The error simply says you already have a cmix user, so skip that step (or delete and create the user again)
  • NTP sync status should be Yes

useful :star_struck: ok