Orange XIII Initial Node Selection!

We are happy to announce that the initial selection for Orange Group XIII BetaNet node operators can be found here!

As with our previous selections, our goal is to accept the most complete applications that indicate they could meet the hardware and bandwidth requirements while also maintaining the decentralization of the network. We also value the comments and support the applicants receive in the BetaNet forum and their willingness to respond to any questions or provide additional information.

In this initial selection, we have rejected nodes that have not indicated they can meet the previously announced minimum requirements. We have also reached out to a number of nodes to ask for further clarification and are offering them the opportunity to provide some missing information before we publish the final decision. As always, if no response is received, these nodes will not be added to the list.

In this selection we noticed that there is a significant number of applications within the Eastern Europe bin. As a result, we have had to be highly selective with this group of applicants and have had to make some tough decisions in order to preserve the decentralization of the network.

For other nodes that were not selected, please keep in mind that this is an initial selection and is subject to change. We strongly encourage participation in the forum and welcome your responses so please let us know why we should reconsider your application!

Thank you,

xx network node team


Hello, Martin Lagace suggested I contact you directly.

My application see. To be on the approval process but unfortunitly, their seem to be an error as I have never received confirmation…possibly this is not LinkedIn to My email?

The applications number is: 12824640171

From Val-des-Monts, Québec

Is there a way to get this fixes.

Thank you


Try to send e-mail on : [email protected]
XX Network team will try to answer the fastest as they can.
If you were selected then you should get e-mail.


received it…Thank you :slight_smile:


I get it.Thank you.

:heart:So cool! Thank you for trust, dear team! Ready to build the node​:innocent::innocent::innocent: Yahooo