Orange VI Node Application 12279354919

Respondent ID 12279354919
End Date 12/23/2020 6:48:35 AM
language ru
If you have previously applied to be a node please provide us with your application ID. Second-time applicants will be highly considered. You can email us at [email protected] if you don't know your application ID.
City/Town Kazan
Country Russia
What languages do you speak? (Please separate with commas so we can parse them) Russian, English
What is your occupation? IT
Non-technical Role or Other (please specify)
How many years experience in your field? 8-15
What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed? Professional degree beyond bachelor’s degree (for example: MD, DDS, DVM, LLB, JD)
Did you purchase xx coins in the xx coin sale? No
Are you an individual or a group? Individual
Node City Kazan
Node State/Province
Node Country Russia
For which networks have you ever operated a node?
  • Other (please specify): IoTeX, LTO Network, Vite
What kind of improvements would you like to see in xx network nodes vs. previous nodes you have supported? Faster team response to potential technical issues identified during testing
What are potential setbacks preventing you from operating an xx network node? Large entry threshold, but also great quality of participants
What is the maximum upload bandwidth in megabits per second your node can provide? 100Mb
What is the maximum download bandwidth in megabits per second your node can provide? 100Mb
What is a reasonable uptime estimate you can provide for your BetaNet node? 98
Please estimate the cost of electricity in the geographic area where your BetaNet node will be running. 15 cents per kilowatt hour
On a monthly basis, how much time can you publicly commit to dedicating toward governance if you were selected as a BetaNet node operator?` 100
In what type of environment would this server be located? Personal Home
If your server is located in your personal home, please specify the name of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Domru
If your server is located in a Datacenter, please specify the name of the company hosting it.
Do you have past experience deploying hardware servers in a datacenter? DigitalOcean, Amazon AWS
Do you already own sufficient hardware to meet the published xx network BetaNet Node specifications (found here)? AMD Ryzen 5 3600x, GeForce RTX 2070, 32GB DDR4, Samsung 970 evo plus 1TB, 100mbit up / 100mbit down
Do you have hardware you would like to use but does not meet the stated BetaNet node specs? If so, please provide specs on that hardware below: No
Why do you want to be a node? Because this is a new experience related to a technical requirement including GPU. Also, the project itself is of technical interest.
How did you originally hear about the xx network? Telegram
Which current xx network communities are you a member of?
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Discord
  • BetaNet Forum
Are you an active member of those communities? Yes
What specifically, interests you about the xx network platform? Quantum computing resistance. The solution to this problem will be relevant in the coming years
Outside of xx network communities, are you an active participant in other node or developer community groups? If so, which ones? Yes. IoTex, Lto, Mina
Have you ever attended a blockchain conference? If so, which one(s)? Online only - basicblockradio chat
Do you have past experience managing communities or creating content to be distributed across social media? Please enter details for all with which you are comfortable or have experience:
    As part of growing the xx network community, are you willing to create content as part of operating an xx network BetaNet node? Examples would be node setup & on-boarding review vlog post, bi-weekly twitter update, medium review of on-going node operational process, etc. 4-12
    Would you be interested in helping to lead the development of the next xx network community? Yes
    Why do you want to run a node in the xx network
    • To promote quantum secure distributed systems
    • To earn xx coins
    • To contribute to a promising project
    • To undo the centralization of the internet by big tech companies
    • To help build true digital cash to fuel a decentralized economy
    • To reverse the political centralization of legal, police, and military organizations which favor the wealthy and powerful
    What is the difference between decentralized networks and distributed networks, and where on the decentralization spectrum do you sit? The difference between a decentralized network and a distributed network is in the equivalence of network participants. In a decentralized network, each participant makes his own decision together with other participants in the network. While in a distributed network, this is done by control nodes. Both approaches have their pros and cons. A distributed network has faster access to resources, but access to them is controlled by organizations that can dictate their terms. Decentralized network - more redundant, but all network members have control over resources.
    As best as you can given currently available information, please describe the value proposition of the xx network platform and how it differs from other current blockchain solutions. I think the main and main difference between xx network and the rest is the protection quantum future-proofing of the xxBFT consensus algorithm and the desire to solve a very difficult task in practice - to build a decentralized network
    Privacy by Default is a goal of the xx network Platform. In your opinion, why is Privacy by Default critical for the future of the internet? Controlling your information means controlling your life. In the current reality, we do not own our information and outsiders and organizations use it for their own purposes and benefits, which may contradict our expectations. Therefore, it is primarily a matter of personal security
    In your opinion, what threat, if any, do quantum computers pose toward decentralized systems? What about centralized systems? With the advent of quantum computers, current encryption methods will be meaningless. This means that in addition to threats of loss of personal information, strategic objects will also be unprotected. Therefore, the problem must be solved in advance, before it appears.

    I like it I support it.

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    I like it. Very well spoken and clear application. Stay active in the community, follow through with the Hardware deployment and you have my vote. It’s nice to see legit applications from Russia! Be blessed!

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    Yes it is nice to finally see something from Russian that isn’t trying to do…well you know. It’s good and like your involvement. Has my vote.

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    Thank you for your trust!
    I will try my best!

    Thank you for your support!

    Hi, I wanted to ask why the model of the video card was chosen specifically RTX 3070? You could save a lot by buying from miners 2-3 times cheaper than 1080 TI, or something from the 2xxx generation.

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    Great answers. You have my vote.

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    I’m not sure buying a supported graphics card is a good idea
    Firstly, it is still not cheap, and secondly, it seems to me that there is no point in taking the old model
    Therefore, when buying, I decided to take a new line from the 3000 series (yes, of course I would like the 3080, but it is expensive for me and it is almost impossible to buy it, it is not available anywhere)
    After reading the telegram chats of the project and discord chanel, I realized that people use 3070 in this project quite successfully.
    This purchase is a reserve for the launch of the miner and the subsequent growth of the network

    After the application was approved, I put together a complete updated configuration of my server!

    CPU - AMD Ryzen 9 3900X OEM
    RAM - Kingston HyperX FURY Black 64Gb (2 x 32Gb)
    BOX - be quiet! PURE BASE 500DX BLACK [BGW37]
    Motherboard - MSI MPG B550 GAMING CARBON WIFI
    Fan for CPU - DARK ROCK PRO 4 [BK022]
    Memory - 1Tb Samsung 980 PRO [MZ-V8P1T0BW]
    Power Supply - Seasonic PRIME TX-750 (SSR-750TR) 750W TITANIUM

    If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer!


    Thats a awesome setup.
    Well done. :+1:

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    nice setup, nice answer, got my vote also

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    I forgot to add it
    Since ubuntu server 20.04 does not have built-in drivers for the b550 motherboard network adapter, I bought a separate TP-LINK TG-3468 PCI Express network adapter.
    Аfter installing a separate network adapter, there were no problems with installing the network.