Orange IV Initial Selection!

We are happy to announce that the initial selection of Orange Group IV BetaNet node operators can be found here.

As in the previous selections, we prioritized accepting complete applications that indicated they could meet the minimum hardware and bandwidth requirements. We also took into consideration all the responses and comments that each application received in the BetaNet forum and the discussion that stemmed from both the BetaNet community and the applicants.

In this initial selection, we have rejected nodes that have not provided their specs or that have not indicated they can fulfill those requirements. As this is an initial selection, we have reached out to nodes that have failed to provide further information on their application and are offering them the opportunity to answer the questions the community has posed, especially on whether they can meet the necessary hardware requirements. As always, if no response is received, these nodes will not be accepted.

If you were not selected, please remember that this is an initial selection and subject to change. We strongly encourage participation in the community and welcome your responses so please speak out and let us know why we should reconsider your application.

We also invite the community to please review the selection and continue to give us their honest feedback!

Thank you,

xx network node team


Thanks to xx network and the community, I was selected to round 1

Thank you very much for choosing me, let’s make the world a better place.
Thanks to the developers for giving ordinary people the opportunity to assemble a node for relatively little money. :clap:

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I was selected for the Maitland, Canada node

My Ryzen 9 3900X + 2070 Super server are ready to go. Also have a custom domain registered for my node(s)

Where do I get a registration code / sign any contracts needed??

congrats for luckers

This is the initial selection. If you are selected in the final selection you will be contacted with the information you need to proceed.

Anything I can do to increase my chances? I’m a seasoned data center operator. Just dropped $3k on a dedicated system just for this node. Everything ready to go. Just need a registration code and KYC/Contract to complete.

Hello, Free World! Congratulations!

Did you apply here?