Node process shutting down

Hello Team,
Im having issues with my node.
Can you please tell me what it sends in logs when it shuts down the node process.

When i check the processes running it seems like the xxnetwork-gatew process is up but the
xxnetwork-node process is not running anymore. The services for both gw and node is running fine.

To fix it i have to restart the server or restart both services.

My server is the following.

Im considering doing a complete reinstall, but i don’t know if this will solve the problem.

Best Regards

Is it possible to make the server do automatic restart of both services after a timeout happens? I think this will solve the issue

This isn’t Windows and that rarely fixes anything in Linux. If your node has run rounds in the past and you have made no changes to your system, there is no reason to reinstall anything or make any changes to your configurations. The problem is not something you have control over.