Node Application 10539108577, submitted 2019-02-19 8:06:40

Respondent Id 10539108577
Application Date 2019-02-19 8:06:40
Application Language English
Applicant City Hemel Hempstead
Applicant State/Province Hertfordshire
Applicant Country United Kingdom
What languages do you speak? English, French
What is your occupation? IT
How many years experience in your field? 16+
What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed? Bachelor’s degree (for example: BA. BS)
Please describe your experience in the Crypto/Blockchain space, if any? Vice President; Strategy and Operations Adviser [at a] Blockchain / Cryptocurrency - Management and advisory services. Establishing and working with the executive team. • Strategic planning, defining objectives, mission, values and priorities. Develop plans to deliver these. • Writing / delivering presentations to large audiences in Europe and Asia (1000+) • Company initiation and formation. Migration from Isle of Man to Switzerland based entity • Performing a deep operational audit into the ‘ICO’, data analysis and delivery of summary reports • Drafting Legal structures and agreeing details. Working with major Swiss and UK law firms • Recruitment; identify needs and hiring, managing workloads, creating job descriptions and contracts • Operational management – Line management and task assignment, (team size 15) • PR, communications, marketing – develop forums, web domains, press releases, presentations, interviews • Technical; build infrastructure (AWS, Github and others). Establish website, DNS, Cloudflare, Email and file sharing, Slack, Asana, encryption and much more • Working productively with partners, maintaining positive momentum in a challenging environment
Are you an individual or a group? Individual
Node City Hemel Hempstead
Node State State
Node Country United Kingdom
For which networks Have you ever operated a node? Cardano, as an internal/core node
What kind of improvements would you like to see in Elixxir nodes vs. previous the previous nodes you have supported? simplicity of setup
What are potential setbacks preventing you from operating an Elixxir node? Technical engineering assistance. We would need to hire this.
What is a reasonable maximum connection speed on which you could operate a BetaNet node in your geographic region? (Where 0 = 10 Megabits/second, and 100 = 10 Gigabits/second) 36
What is a reasonable uptime estimate you can provide for your BetaNet node? (As a percentage) 90
Please estimate the cost of electricity in the geographic area where your BetaNet node will be running. . £0.1331 / KWh
On a monthly basis, how much time can you publicly commit to dedicating toward governance if you were selected as a BetaNet node operator? (Where 0 = 1 hour/month, and 100 = 20 hours/month) 70
If you were selected to run a BetaNet node, would it run on your own hardware or be deployed to cloud-based servers? Both
In what type of environment would this server be located? Datacenter
Do you have past experience deploying hardware servers in a datacenter? Yes (please describe)
Do you already own sufficient hardware to meet the published Elixxir BetaNet node specifications? No
Yes (Please list specs)
Do you have hardware you would like to use but does not meet the stated BetaNet node specs? If so, please provide specs on that hardware below: no
Do you have past experience deploying servers to cloud-based services? Yes (please specify)
Yes (please specify) Cardano Node. Blockchain analytics servers.
Why do you want to be a node? To learn more about this technology, to keep current skills in the marketplace, to operate a part time business
How did you originally hear about Elixxir? Word of Mouth
Which current Elixxir communities are you a member of? Discord
Are you an active member of those communities? No
What specifically, interests you about the Elixxir platform? I like the simple aim of being a currency, I like the pedigree of David Chaum. I believe this project has a high degree of integrity and that the crypto-payments space is still missing its potential due to conflict and lack of clarity on what it is they are trying to create.
Outside of Elixxir communities, are you an active participant in other node or developer community groups? If so, which ones? No
Have you ever attended a blockchain conference? If so, which one(s)? No.
As part of growing the Elixxir community, are you willing to create content as part of operating an Elixxir BetaNet node? Examples would be node setup & on-boarding review vlog post, bi-weekly twitter update, medium review of on-going node operational process, etc. Yes (how much content on a monthly basis?)
If yes, how much content on a monthly basis? 1-2 hours per week
What is the difference between decentralized networks and distributed networks, and where on the decentralization spectrum do you sit? Distributed indicates a load that may be shared across nodes, and each may still be subject to centralised control, wheras decentralised nodes make decisions for themselves, may process the same load as their peers and, almost like a virus that is released, becomes somewhat unstoppable / more censorship resistant. Decentralisation is said to limit scalability of a networks functionality. A more distributed system with geographically and operational diverse peers is probably going to be the solution that scales in the near term.
As best as you can given currently available information, please describe the value proposition of the Elixxir platform and how it differs from other current blockchain solutions. Speed; Can carry out public key operations in advance. Privacy; Through enhanced MPC Future Proof; PKI solution beats Quantam
Privacy by Default is a goal of the Elixxir Platform. In your opinion, why is Privacy by Default critical for the future of the internet? Money was originally a tool for personal autonomy and freedom, to have agency over your labour, assets, rewards and delivering a way of exchanging value peer to peer. This function was subsumed in turn by kings, aristocracy and government until the central bank became the backbone of an economy and the primary economic means of social control. Any effort to create a free market alternative to this monopoly of power should only bring good. Privacy by default further removes the ability of government power to be used in a malevolent way towards curtailing individual freedoms.
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