Minutes for GM Town Hall 07/08/2022

Minutes for GM Town Hall

July 8th, 2022 at 12PM UTC

Lead By: Benjamin Wenger

1. Basics of the Charts

  • This is showing, for each region, the actual average multiplier received by each region.

  • The standard deviation percentages of rewards are higher in the all 1s v. using the multiplier settings when compared with actual data.

  • The rewards are also more unequal in the all-1s.
  • Regional Multipliers for MainNet provides an introduction to the topic discussed and calculations used.
    Regional Multipliers for MainNet - xx network wiki
  • The charts are based on actual data pulled from the same source as https://dashboard.xx.network/
    • We created the data and charts by querying all rounds in the database along with the list of the nodes in them.
    • Then we mocked the same calculations run by the points script over the entire batch.
  • We have the ability to poll this data in batch form right now.
  • It may make sense to use a Monte Carlo simulation instead, but this is showing the effect of the changes on the actual data. We will consider MC simulations in the future.
  • Several comments from the community, of two types:
    • this largely makes sense and justifies the multipliers
    • It is really important that we update and publish this data regularly

2. Discussion of Russia & Eastern Europe (& conclusion)

  • This is an conflict affecting at least β…“ of the world in one way or another, arguably the entire world
  • It had a significant impact on the xx network
  • Russia is already its own region with its own multiplier. We could make Ukraine it’s own multiplier, but that would require a software change, which is a significant amount of work
  • We believe it is best to adjust for Eastern Europe and leave all of Ukraine in that bin. We can do this now and it requires no software changes.
  • The community did not have comments about this, but we also understand that it is a sensitive issue in which individuals may not be comfortable commenting publicly. Please reach out to us on xx messenger or through dm on discord if you would like to voice your concerns privately.

3. Discussion of Future Accessibility

  • As stated earlier, It is really important that we update and publish this data regularly
  • A lot of this data should be on chain and it should be made easily accessible so folks can more easily independently check the data
  • We should aim to update the multipliers regularly
  • You could imagine a scenario where this is controlled through an oracle + smart contract, with updates happening automatically unless objected to by the community.
  • Pointed out by netrino and bluelion: at least initially we need some sort of dashboard that runs the algorithm for us to recalculate the multipliers
    • Ben agrees and will work on a plan on how to get there.

4. Discussion of Council Governance

  • Instead of using governance, which takes a couple weeks to enact changes, we could use the council which can make changes take effect in the next era.
  • The advantage here is that we can both react more quickly to world events
  • We can also back out and make adjustments if a mistake is made
  • There were no objections to proposed changes being enacted via the council.
    xx explorer

5. Discussion of Timetable

  • The time which the proposed changes can be applied first depends when a proposal is submitted.
  • Once submitted, likely Monday, July 11, 2022
    • it will depend on getting enough votes.
  • The earliest it could be applied would be Tuesday, July 12, 2022.

6. Geo Multiplier Update

  • In general, we are unhappy with how much Multiplier Eastern Europe and Russia get
  • Solution:
    • Average both with eastern europe without ukraine
      • Eastern Europe: (0.86589+1.09506)/2=0.980475
      • Russia: (0.86589+1.09111)/2=0.9785


Great stuff, LGTM!