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Hi Everyone, Cryptowell here. Your friendly neighborhood node runner.

I would like to propose that as a foundation funded opportunity we should seek to have XX.Network reviewed by several prominent Cryptocurrency content creators on YouTube prior to, and after, the listing of any XXCoin in the (hopefully) near future.
Me and a few other node community members think that these content creators would be a good way to get the word out to the masses in regards to the messenger and overall potential of the tech behind XX.Network.
Some of these YouTube content creators have already spoken with David Chaum in the Past (Nicolas Merton of Data Dash), or have mentioned the project in some way in the last year or so.
We are not looking for S.coin shilling, but rather content creators that have a good reputation for informing their subs about legitimate projects and are actually interested in technology that is helpful to the world.
From what we understand, the foundation has earmarked coins for this as a potential use case for these funds. A donation of a few thousand coins per content creator would likely be enough to encourage them to look into and review what XX.Network is doing and to give a thoughtful review of it. There may be even opportunity for XX.Network team members to have an interview of some sort with some of them at some point although that is not specifically needed to achieve the network effects that we are looking for. A simple google search of David Chaum or is fairly simple way for anyone watching those content creators to dig deeper if they would like.

So without furthur adieu here is the list of content creators and a short bio of their channels and size of following:

Data Dash (Nicholas Merten)
508K Subs
Email: [email protected]

With a heavy focus toward Bitcoin, DataDash’s 486K subscribers follow the channel for updates regarding Bitcoin, including potential threats, news, analysis, and comparisons. DataDash does venture outside the crypto industry as well, with videos that cover stock market trends, political shifts, and finance. He has interviewed David Chaum in the past and im sure he would love to do a follow up.
Frankly Im not even sure offering a donation of coins to Nicholas Merten would even be nessesary to get the coverage from him but I think it would be a nice gesture…especially if paired with a potential airdrop of coins to anyone who would download and install xxmessenger…but that’s a whole other conversation though!
You can see the original video with Data Dash and David Chaum Here

Coin Bureau (Guy)
1.93M Subs
Email: [email protected]

The Coin Bureau is an informational portal to the world of Cryptocurrencies & Forex. They conduct regular coin, exchange and broker reviews. Their team of traders conduct in depth analysis into crypto and forex markets. Coin Bureau does not run any ads on they’re videos because it is they’re goal to provide high quality information, without the presence of third party influence soooo im not sure how we get on there but that’s where someone with connections like David comes into play. This is one of the largest Crypto channels on YouTube so I would certainly think its an important one to look into.
One bonus is that Guy briefly covered the topic of Quantum resistant crypto at the beginning of this year in his “10th Prediction” of that episode Here
I think that it may be necessary for our community to continually ask Guy to cover XXNETWORK via his twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok channels to get him to review XX.Network.

Ivan on Tech (Ivan Liljeqvist)
494K Subs
Email: [email protected]
Linkedin: Ivans Linkedin Account

One of the most popular crypto YouTube channels. A software developer and tech celeb, Ivan covers macro topics regarding the crypto and blockchain space. Ivan’s insights into political shifts and crypto industry changes that affect the markets. Ivan also offers interviews with some of the best minds in the crypto space…i mean common…who doesn’t wanna interview David or at least review his Project!

Altcoin Buzz
366K Subs
Email: [email protected]

Altcoin Buzz is a super popular crypto YouTube channel, with over 350K subscribers. Boasting a large community, Altcoin Buzz is also popular on Telegram and Twitter as the community’s engagement is very high. Discussing upcoming trends and future applications of blockchain, as well as market shifts and coin analyses, this channel encompasses a wide array of crypto topics. They can be contacted about any business related options via email.

Box Mining (Michael Gu)
268K Subs
[email protected]

So these are just a few of the many large crypto currency YouTubers that would be a great way to market to your average crypto user.
I have also left a link to a fairly recent webpage listing many more Content creators that could be contacted with hopes of getting reviews and/or interviews for XX.Network.
I hope we can move forward on this Idea and see some positive results!

The Top 30 Best Crypto YouTube Channels To Watch In 2022 | CryptoWeekly

Leave comments below …and subscribe to my channel!..
ok that last part is a joke but i couldn’t help myself… :kissing_heart:


Love the Coin Bureau’s videos!

Another one to suggest:

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beautiful. of course it will help. but what’s the point of advertising a product you can’t sell! What do you say to the person who will say, “Great project, yes, let me invest right away”? “I’m not ready yet, follow me.” you say. and in 2 days you will be forgotten!
if you trade the product; There will be more people saying and researching what it is. Investors win in every development. You do everything perfectly and you come to the market for $5. stay there. because there is no development to raise you anymore. just advertising! How useful is it? The product should now be on the market! As it evolves, its value should increase!


It’s a good point !

The best way for marketing purpose is to sell (not give) coins at best price for them and even give a smaller and limited time discount for take most people as possible for an IPO/ICO sale for day one.

It solve both issue for me :

  • it’s not a “shit coin” send to everyone for attract sheep but a true next gen coin who can replace actual leader
  • can buy directly some coins and wait for an exchange to retrieve their coins at a preferred price than official ICO/IPO price (we can even give a reward for each people using his link and buy coins)
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The promotion should have been done much earlier. I see a very weak team in marketing. In addition, youtubers may talk about XX, but if you do not have a product in the market, such advertising and promotion will never make sense, and those who are curious give up and forget after a while when they cannot reach the product. And the fees paid for the promotion are reflected in the treasury as a loss. Go to the market first. then the road is already open.


This guy was the one who introduced me to XX before first round of sales. Very informative.


I totally understand. I agree that just going full out on advertizing without knowing when trading will be activated is not wise which is why I specifically wrote

on YouTube prior to, and after, the listing of any XXCoin in the (hopefully) near future.

I suppose I am assuming a listing will happen in the relative near future but I don’t know that for sure obviously. That said, I still think we are very close to it which is why I said what I did.
If an official vatable proposal happens from the team or a community member we will need to be specific about when these marketing opportunities would take place.
The main thing im getting at here is that this type of marketing is very much needed and in my opinion it needs to start happening asap because it takes time to line up things like this. If the funding happened next week it would still probably take weeks before we saw any actual videos hit YouTube.

Good comments regardless though! Thanks for speaking up!

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I support this view, but I know most people will support marketing because to the moon.

My view if there’s more money to be spent, focus on the basics. Hire temp help for non-core development, get that F-Droid version out, professionally organize API and Developer information, etc.

At this stage we need 3rd party developers to start developing for the platform.

xx messenger can - but maybe won’t need to - be marketed until it’s v1.5 or 2.0. Meanwhile xxSDK and APIs are available today, but it’s not easy to get started.

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No one should be offended by my words. I have been following the Elixxir project since 2018 and became an early stage investor and node operator. I’ve been following Mr. Chaum many years ago (cypherpunk). Honestly, I was excited when I heard about elixxir and Chaum. However, despite the passage of a long time, the product still could not enter the market and this situation did not suit this project at all. Marketing is very important. It’s true, but promotions on platforms like Youtube will be impressed by Chaum’s name and want to own this project by people who hear about it. But let’s not make such a mistake if there is no tradable product in the market. First, the list is required. For example, team last sale, instead of own platform, coinlist etc. or he could do it ieo style. Even that would be an effective enough ad. But why is the team moving so slowly for the roster? We don’t understand. If we are facing a serious problem, we should know it. If there is no product in the market, it would be completely wrong to spend the treasury money on advertising.

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I’m not offended, but I think there’s constant progress, e.g.

a) Last month multiple fixes for vesting and locking were implemented, which was one of key to-do items on path to the future unfreezing and trading. See
b) Yesterday the team announced this month they’ll introduce four fixes (three of them this week) related to economics (rewards, team multiplier, etc.) which will fix most significant issues observed so far. Last month validator rewards have been increased so with that and the forthcoming fixes validation will become fairer, more competitive, and more sustainable (see here - Economic Adjustments - xx network)
c) xx Messenger got many thousands of downloads from dozens of countries and updated versions with fixes and improvements have been released, with more to come. We also got a whole bunch of good feature requests and soon xx Messenger will be good enough our main target audience (privacy enthusiasts) as well as available to self-build or load via F-Droid.
d) After yesterday’s announcement related to b) above, it seems that “next steps” will follow soon.

Several months ago there was less news as MainNet was launched and the Team seemed busy with fixing various low-level code to make it stable for xx Messenger, but since last month it looks to me that the speed of developments happening on top of that foundation set last year (blockchain and cMix) indicate that we’re close to full launch including the coin.

there is no tradable product in the market.

I disagree xx coin is the product. It’s fuel for xx network services - cMix API/service and xx Messenger and both of them are in production today. It will also be tradable, but we’ve first needed to (help) build something people can spend those coins on.

If you want to discuss further let’s start another thread and leave this one focused on the topic (should the project spend some coins on YouTube marketing or not).

Thank you very much for your contribution and kind reply. Everyone’s contribution and interest is invaluable. I really like your offer. I believe it will be useful. My criticism is not you and your proposal! I think the lifting of the trade freeze is urgent and necessary! coins distributed to more people; means more people are involved in the interaction. and these people; more affected and possessive by touching than hearing! most importantly, those who run node for long months now want to get tangible returns. if dissatisfaction increases inside; The newcomer from the outside will also be disturbed!

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Yes! Definitely, it makes sense to open another thread!
and yes, spend on marketing!

Yes it is acceptable. Some money can be spent. Promotion is always a very good tool. I agree. I would also like to offer this. Financial assistance can be provided by the team to the nodes that have been very tired with the node operating costs for a long time. (to those who demand it) To pay back later. It would be a great help.

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Mark Moss would be a good match too.

He’s all into Moneysystems, History and Freedom. Here he talks about “Voting by money”. Will This Be Bitcoin’s Defining Moment or Not? - YouTube

I would also include general tech and IT channels to promote the xx messenger (videos like “WhatsApp vs Signal vs xxm”. The xx messenger is the key to target a broader audience, not only crypto enthusiasts.


Lex Fridman

Anyone going there to spread the word?

If everyone who’s posted on this thread made a DIY review and posted it on YouTube, Rumble or such, we’d have enough attention for this stage of development…