[iOS] Users are logged out and lose account

Description: Users are logged out of their account and lose access to their account.

Priority: High

Comments from the team: This is the highest priority bug currently on iOS and we are working on a fix. We will update once the fix is out, and for any users who lost their accounts you can comment below and one of the admins will dm you a new code.

Hello, I cannot login to xxmessenger; my account: sanja, email: [email protected]; (stuck in the loop: ‘redeem code/code has already been used’). Please try fixing this, thanks, Sanja

Hi Sanja, the team is working on a release to fix this and is hoping to release today. We will update you once the new version is released. Thanks!

Update: This bug has been fixed with build 151

Hello @sanja, could you report if this release solved your issue with xx messenger? Thanks.

When I first signed up it lost my account. 2nd time was ok