How double check if my node is running?

Hello and sorry in advance cause my Ubuntu skills are close to zero.

I finally started my node/gatway (thank you so much for instructions that were so helpful :heart: :pray:t2:)
I did type ps -A | grep xxnetwork and I did get the list.
BUT xxnetwork is red flagged and this is actually worring me

Is that color correct or something’s not working?


xxnetwork being in red is not an indication of trouble. If you run ps -A | grep xxnet as I did, you’ll see it is highlighted because it is a match. If you ran ps -A | grep xxn, only xxn would be red.
Screenshot from 2021-04-30 00-57-32

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ahahahahahah I’m sorry.

I’ll delete the topic.

Actually checked myself through the dashboard and I am alive :heart:

Cheers, I’ll clean up my mess

No need to delete. That is a valid question and one I have gotten before.

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