Group Chat not working (well)

Platform: Android
OS Version:
Network type: WiFi
Issue type: Bug
App version: 2.4
Build number: 572
SDK version: 4.1.0

Describe the Crash or Bug:

  • Created Groupchat
  • Invited 2 users
  • Wrote 2 messages
  • First group chat was invisible to anyone but me

Inviting users via username worked - first user in 1 second (brilliant!) the second users request never reached me - when I sent him one it took several minutes but then it worked.

Second group chat worked - but some (most) messages are sent 3 times (in a group chat with 3 other people).

UPDATE: when I don’t create the group - I get messages only once.
Adding 2 more people to the group does not automatically mean I get all messages 5 times. Currently the default is I get every message TWICE.

I would sadly NOT recommend the xx-messenger for normal use right now.

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Hi Dash42,

Thanks for the feedback and the logs! Really appreciate it.
Will forward this to the backend xxm team.