DeFi Ecosystem on the Net

The robust network supported by a Decentralized network of nodes, each independently owned and running the xx network software give an overview on how the platform is very very strong. The software, offering a protected digital sphere through which its users can share ideas and EXCHANGE VALUE in a secure and private way.

The xx network is a layer-one blockchain that protects against quantum computing that breaks encryption. This allows the possibility of the growth of an anonymous DEFI ecosystem. With open finance applications the network will increase in value. This go beyond government control and the growth is independent.

What should be the first DeFi application here? Should the ecosystem grow differently from the known DeFi ecosystem with some different keys that will perpetuate the long term vision?

<> Lending Protocols
<> Synthetic Assets
<> Decentralized Exchange
<> so on…

I see anonymous transactions (cMixed xx transactions?) and Decentralized Exchange as top priorities; anonymous transactions extend messaging features to xx coin, and Decentralized Exchange (or a bridge to one) provides a way to get in and out of the coin at will. I think both of these are on the roadmap if not in development.

Other than that, xx Messenger already has a good roadmap, and if that privacy could extend to the coin that would create a full featured platform for financial, text, and audio messaging.

The rest (lending, etc.) is just noise, in my opinion, and also of secondary importance (compared to privacy, there’s no shortage of these P2P, NFT, etc. platforms).