Bug Report - Android and iOS

XX Messenger – Bug Report

Platform: (iOS / Android) Both
OS Version:
Network type: (WiFi / 5G / 4G)
Issue type: (Bug)
App version: (Visible In App Side menu) xxdk version: 4.0.0
Build number: (Visible In App Side menu) 445 Version 1.0
SDK version: (Visible In App Side menu) git version: 1144194c
Describe the Crash or Bug:
Installed the Android on a Pixel 6 Pro – Running Android 12
Kept having messages indicating that I had no Internet connection while using WiFi – I switched WiFi off – operating on LTE 5G/4G – and the message went away.

I set up the software UserID: Mark317
I had a colleague do the same UserID: Kashmirwala

We were able to connect and send test messages.

Then I had my wife install on her iOS Apple phone – she was able to set her account up – no WiFi connection issues as I saw in my Pixel. Her UserID: tamar

She sent a request to my UserID – I saw it momentarily – then when I went to accept – it disappeared.

I can search for her UserID and find it however I get a message that the request is pending – she has not seen my request and I am unable to add or message her – we are both on the same WiFi network.

My Android still gets a message that it cannot connect to the network on WiFi – it does work on LTE.

I think the connection issues may be to do with restrictions from your ISP and certain ports. With respect to the connection request, It should be possible to delete and re-add users very soon.