Ban appeal 12512599734

Application ID: 12512599734

Application link: Orange IX Node Application 12512599734, submitted on 03-22-2021

Reason for Ban:
“In the forum post we address the decision to defer the selection for all Orange VIII Russian applications and a small number of Ukrainian applications to the current group (Orange IX).

We announced this decision as a result of these countries being over represented in the network, with Russian nodes being the most over-represented. As we have stated before, decentralization of the network is key to all of our success, so we had to make some tough decisions during this selection.

While we do not want to exclude eager node operators there were 115 nodes either in Russia or with operators from Russia in the last pay period and 56 from Ukraine.

As a result, we have only accepted a small number of deferred Orange VIII and new Orange IX applicants from Russia and Ukraine.”

Reason for Appeal:

I hope that I still have a chance to join to the xx network BetaNet. I found a good DC in Vinnitsa, Ukraine with a perfect internet channel 1Gb. They ready co-locate my server. In this case, I need re-build my server to the 19’’ rack installation cabinet - It will take 5-7 days with purchasing a new “body” for my node + delivery + installation.

Is Vinnitsa, Ukraine a good location for the decentralization of the xx network?

May be my application could be published/updated with location Vinnitsa, Ukraine in data center?
I can find other location for the node in Ukraine if Vinnitsa isn’t a good enough.

Please, let me know if you required any information from me.

Look forward your decision about my participation in xx network BetaNet.

Best Regards

This section is for nodes that have been banned from participating in the BetaNet due to a violation of rules, terms and or conditions and they wish to appeal the ban.

You have not been banned.
Please feel free to re-apply.