Ban appeal 12003223913

We think your appeal has merit. I give you credit for appealing and for previously running on an over-spec’d CPU as noted in my earlier comment.

Perhaps others will accept your proposed solution.

Your appeal ends Feb. 17th, so let’s let it run its course.


I don’t see why it shouldn’t be ok, if it’s within the specs.


Intel Core i7-6700K Pre-built Server (GPU SUPER + 960GB SSD)
Processor: 4.0Ghz / 4.2Ghz Turbo (4 Cores / 8 Threads)
GPU: GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER

i7-6700K seems under spec, according to cpumark

This specs where there from 20 juni 2020 so what’s the deal here guys.
Where the most frendly community there is in crypto.
I really don’t understand why you took so much time to get your shit together.
And still your complaining.
The other thing is where does this ends you set a president for this type off thinking and handeling.

If there is equipment that meets the minimum requirements, then let it work. (considering the history … then only without a data center)

I am for the ban.
There is a handbook with some requirements.
If they are met, ok, then no.

This is difficult.
There seem to be a number of things that should have happened. The node runner shouldn’t have tried to run a sub-standard node and there shouldn’t be any reward for that time, whether it was due to difficulty getting the HW or not.

If you can’t provide a node with the hardware that you stated on your application then you don’t run a node until the new spec is agreed, especially at this stage.

Wanting to rectify it is great but then to offer another sub-standard HW node spec seems to be careless at best and pure disrespect to the rest of the network at worst.

While we need more nodes on the network, do we want node runners that will try to run substandard nodes, knowing that it will affect the whole network, just to get XX coins (they aren’t doing it to help the network)?

3 months is plenty of time to order hardware and the 7000 coins/month should be enough of an incentive to get the correct hardware in place, regardless of cost (although finding another datacentre with GPUs suddenly didn’t seem too difficult when a ban was in place).

I would be in favour of cancelling the current contract and have the user re-apply with new HW and no coins until correct hardware is in place (perhaps this requires a change to the contract).