Ban appeal 12003223913

Node ID: 36PrraqBz0pJfRZ1s9CzEfllivZo+EOx2gMK69U0qE8C

Application ID:12003223913

Application link: Orange III Node Application 12003223913, submitted on 09-20-2020

Reason for Ban: “You indicated your node would be run from a “Personal Home” rather than a “Datacenter” or lied about the Datacenter you will be running from”

Reason for Appeal:
I have already reported in the discord about the current inability to purchase a personal server. Link to message: Discord

And I had such a conversation with Keith

Yes, I may have forgotten to inform you that I rented a server in the Datacenter, but I had no intention of deceiving you, since I mentioned the rent, which means renting in a Datacenter…

I am doing my duty in good faith to maintain an honest network! But if you decide to expel me, then I will accept that decision.


Thank you for filling out the ban appeal appropriately. From initial review it looks like we should move you to the “requested to move” category.

I would like to see community input on this.


If “request to move” means “we give you a change to move your node to a location (personal home or otherwise) with GPU before the 1st of March” then your welcome.


Doesn’t seem like the applicant lied, so I think banning them is not warranted.
However, in my opinion, no reward should be distributed until the hardware requirements are met.


I aprove the ban👍🏻
You have got almost 4 months to bring your node Like requirements and you didn’t.
No more change sorry


I think that giving a grace period to move node from data center to personal server is good but either the node should be banned or the node should receive no more compensation until a move is confirmed. This is for the betterment of the whole network. We do not want to lose node runners but we must have non datacenter nodes for network speed and stability and security


That was in November. As noted in our discussion, I was looking for nodes who didn’t have their GPUs enabled. I wouldn’t necessarily consider that a pass on not meeting the expectation you set in your application.

Kudos for making up the difference with a powerful CPU

I too would like to see what others think.


Reading this i will change my previous comment into a “no excuses anymore” and a ban!

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Given the timeframe, there simply is no excuse at this point. I’m for the ban.

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He had enough time. We are stil above 3 seconds latency, even after many nodes joined. They are slowing us down.

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After all this time, the explanation does not hold. I suggest, no compensation until relocation is confirmed and the node meets uptime and minimum specs, or ban.

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At this point there should be no excuses for not meeting the minimum requirements. Giving more time to resolve this issue is unacceptable. A ban is appropriate in this case.


I will be glad when it is summer and we will have a voting system.
There are enough smart guys and enough data to see if someone runs with or without a gpu. Then we vote within the community.

I am in for the ban. I would consider some grace period if someone is having some difficulties like motherboard dies, moving to a new country, etc… but in this case November was 3 months ago. I am sorry, but there are no excuses.

3 month is more than enough to resolve issues of anykind. Rewards should be cancelled, and Eth address should be flagged so he can’t redeem any tokens when mainnet.


Understood that GPU has more than doubled and are not readily available, but we are all in the same boat and we are making it work. Three months should of suffice to acquire a new GPU and or move to another location, so for this reason I agree with the network, chance was given (3 months worth) now time to ban.

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I think he had his chance .
Ban is the propper measure for this lack of complying to the needed specs.

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I can rent a GPU server in another datacenter. In USA. Is this solution ok?

Renting or buying is conceptually a detail, but if the network requires certain locations to be covered by specific HW, then it becomes a bit more binary. Application talks about locations like Helsinki and Moscow, yet the proposal to rent a GPU enabled server is mentioning USA… Go figure.
Whoever has the holistic view into the network should just make a call :slight_smile:

@benger @Keith What do you think? Please note that so far I am the only one who has filed an appeal. This means that I care and I take into account the opinion of the network. I try to somehow get out of the situation, find various solutions. In response, I get a sharp “NO” from the most honest (but not the most friendly) network…