Backup your node - In case of hardware failure

Anyone know best practice for backing up linux?
Is the best to just clone the drive? If that is possible with all partitions?

I would prefer to backup to a img file so i can store it on a usb harddrive.


It’s a little too vague of a question. It’s like asking, “What is the best car for me?”
Well. How much do you want to spend? Do you have a family? Do you have a budget for fuel, service and maintenance, and insurance? So many factors to consider.

It depends on your resources, Linux proficiency, budget. on-site/off-site, etc.
I would suggest you start by seeing what solutions are available and then work from there.

It might not be necessary for you to backup the entire server. You could just backup parts of the system, such as just the xx network related parts. The following posts show how you can backup xx network data to a tarball and rather than migrate the data to a new computer, store the tarball somewhere safe in the event of a disaster.