Back-up yedekleme

I have not been successful with the backup commands in the node manual. I have a usb device connected to the node machine.
When I type the lsblk command on ubuntu, I see it as sdb1. However, when I type the commands given in the manual and add the / media / user / sdb1 line to the end of the command, I read an invalid directory warning.
The command I wrote is below,
I write my own name in the area where xxxx is written.
I could not understand what is the error and details.

cp /opt/xxnetwork/creds/diniznode_cert.crt, node_key.key, gateway_cert.crt,
gateway_key.key} /opt/xxnetwork/node-logs/nodeIDF.json /opt/xxnetwork/gatewaylogs/gatewayIDF.json / media / xxxx / sdb1

Here is a good article, Manually mount a USB drive in the Linux terminal.

You can also DM me on Discord and I can walk you through it.

It didn’t work. Can you publish a separate backup procedure.

The difficulty in doing that is not all computers are the same under Linux. If we assume the wrong conditions, it can destroy data. I can walk you though it here or via Discord.

  1. Plug in the USB disk.

  2. What is the output of …

  • $ lsblk --output NAME,FSTYPE,LABEL,UUID,MODE

For backup, I’ll ask you for help when you’re active on discord. regards

Too easy!

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I made a backup with your invaluable help. Thank you

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