About the [Archived] xx messenger - Beta category

Welcome to the official forum for xx messenger. You can find topics for support and bug reporting.

Test xx messenger
Invites have gone out for the first round of 295 testers. Currently, sign ups are closed but you can sign up to receive email updates here.

I have a bug. How do I report it?
Please search existing topics to see if your bug has already been reported before opening a new topics. Duplicate topics will be closed by moderators. To create a bug report, please include a description of the bug you experienced, what phone and OS you were on and any logs if you have them.

I have a support question. Where can I get help?
Check out the quick start guide for answers to the most common questions here. You can also reach out to the team on Discord or Telegram.

Where can I submit requests?
Visit the Requests sub-category.

Thanks to everyone who participates in testing!

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