A couple of bugs

Had a bug when creating username on initial setup.

The android keyboard took words from recommended without i picked them.

Bugged text in side menu at bottom.

When you try to massage a person you added this happens.

App crashed when i scanned my own QR code. I sent bug repport via google.

High Data Usage, I enabled cover traffic.

Only sent this

Platform: (Android)
OS Version: 8.0.0
Network type: (4G/WIFI)
Issue type: (Bug)
App version: (1.0)
Build number: (445)
SDK version: (Visible In App Side menu)

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Can you specify a few more details please?

Platform: Android
OS Version:
Network type: (WiFi / 5G / 4G / 3G)
Issue type: (Crash/Bug)
App version: (Visible In App Side menu)
Build number: (Visible In App Side menu)
SDK version: (Visible In App Side menu)

on Android:

  1. install app & setup with ID
  2. delete ID
  3. create new ID results in crash as soon as app is started


  1. delete app
  2. create new ID
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