[12/06/21] cMix Update Community Discussion


In this update, we doubled the size of the KnownRounds buffer reported to clients from 1500 to 3000. The KnownRounds structure tracks which rounds are known and which are unknown, as well as denotes which rounds have been checked for messages. This structure is sent to clients along with other information about available messages on poll of a gateway. There is a complete form which includes millions of rounds, or a truncated form for when a client is up to date on tracking the network. This only impacts the truncated form.

This change will increase the number of rounds the gateways can update the user’s client about in a single request. It should result in improved tracking of network states by the clients and slightly improved message pickup times without affecting sending times. It may solve some rare message drops.

Testing Protocol:

Testing was performed on a small-scale cMix network, including running a thorough suite of integration tests to ensure client functionality.

Given that this update is on a per-gateway basis and does not impact network wide interaction, the team will look into the possibility of testing it on the live MainNet on a few nodes.


From today (Monday, December 6th) to Monday, December 13, a week-long community comment period on this change is open. Assuming issues are not found, the change will be deployed via the tech committee on Monday, December 13, 2021

Deployment Process and Authority:

The tech committee (elected by the council) has the authority to deploy these updates with a ¾ vote. This authority lasts for 6 months at which point it must be reconfirmed through a public vote

Merge Request located here

Please use this thread for discussion, as community feedback will be taken into account.



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