XX NODE INFO - A Telegram Bot

With this bot you will be able to receive notifications about node status changes. If a node you are subscribed to goes offline you will receive a notification on telegram.

How to use this bot:

/start - Start the bot in t.me/xx_node_info_bot.

/subscribe node_id network - Subscribe to a node id in order to receive uptime updates from it (available networks are proto and beta).

/unsubscribe node_id network - Unsubscribe from a node id in order to stop receiving updates from it.

/listnodes - List all subscribed nodes.

Feel free to report bugs :slight_smile:


when it will be usable for Mainnet?

Hello! Bot was updated yesterday. You can read more about it in discord #dashboard-api channel…

But basically, you can subscribe to the node infos using /subscribe nodeinfo mainnet or /subscribe nodeinfo canary

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bot is not working