XX Messenger settings on iPhone / iOS

I slightly tuned my xx messenger settings on iOS to better suit how I want to use the app. Your preferences may be different…

Go to Settings and find “xx messenger”. Tap on it.

  • Siri & Search
    • disable Learn from this App - I don’t want Siri to learn anything, thank you very much
    • under While Searching disable Show Content in Search - (this seems to require Siri to index your messages?)
  • Notifications
    • disable all (currently 3) Alerts - I don’t want any, I plan to use xx messenger just like POP3 email
    • in Show Previews, pick Never - there’s a less extreme option, When Unlocked
  • Background App Refresh - disable to save power. I am not sure how much it saves and whether this makes xx messenger’s Cover Traffic constantly send cover traffic even when the app is running in background
  • Use Cellular Data - disable for troubleshooting purposes if WiFi is available

In the app itself, I haven’t enabled Predictive Text. My Cover Traffic is off because my battery life sucks.