Wrapping Up the Hetzner Fiasco

Last month, we banned some nodes who were running on Hetzner but we did extended an opportunity to some nodes to move by March 1st 2021. You can read about it in the previous post, Hetzner Again.

Of the 12 we asked to move 11 have moved. But is it ever cut and dry? Of course not!

Of the 11 nodes that moved, 5 of them decided to spin up low power machines without a GPU at the same provider, The Constant Company. From what we can tell, the host is Choopa, a VPS reseller. They moved at the very end of the month to, what looks like, on paper change the location of their node. The nodes performed poorly and they failed rounds after the move. Some even took them offline in what looks like an attempt to not draw attention. Furthermore, despite their committing to GPU nodes during the application process, logs indicate there is no GPU.

It is obvious to the team that this is an attempt to get the coins for the month of February without meeting specs or community expectations. Due to the facts available to us, we do not consider this a valid move and have banned them due to not meeting network requirements.

These nodes are:

Node ID Application ID
c59N0mwfHQFX4+O1Trh4LJa2Qfc7KPHvQ3JZtwGMgzMC 11873346548
RLIlGintYVE2SrAZKUlk9pykWmpGyGFBNWn5sc1gRKwC 11863403035
uVU1jx8SKOxnf/mwh2VnF1qcRIPdSMKfc46upu4MmIYC 11868895953
N0MsxkgrwqQOU3xK5FM+Y6cFnZUx8teez/nMC/Jn0SQC 11873221905
geDkcFga8Tzt3xVZg81F+P2nn7MWPFwEF9o3Wf6WTG4C 11903563667

Additionally, 1 node had not moved as of March 1st and has been has been banned from the network.

Node ID Application ID
yV608jqhE00ELrYw/VSP7mn2pZGelI2p4UjfjqtA4N8C 12002415080

Five operators moved their nodes and we are happy they decided to stay with us and help the network grow!

As always, any node that has been banned can appeal this ban here: Ban Appeals - BetaNet Forum


If my application goes through I am happy to take their place :slightly_smiling_face: :vulcan_salute:t5:

We want to work with realistic knots. Elixxir is very precious and incredibly real. Please all nodes respect this situation.


Thank you for your job :+1:

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