Violet Team node applications are open!

As we get closer to the launch of the BetaNet, we have seen a huge amount of interest from potential node operators who missed out on the application process in 2019.

In the spirit of decentralization and making the Beta open to as many as possible, today node applications are re-opening! Existing nodes are grouped into Blue, White and Teal groups, and new applicants will join a new Violet Group.

For the July 1st launch, there are 150 spots available on a first come, first serve basis across groups. There are still spots available for the initial launch following the participation restrictions on US nodes, and later this year, the BetaNet will expand to all nodes from all groups.

For potential applicants, please visit to learn more about being a BetaNet node operator, including requirements and compensation. Then fill out your application here.

The selection process will be an accelerated version of the same community driven process as was used in 2019.

Like before, the goals are:

  • Openness and fairness
  • Flexibility
  • Timeliness
  • Clear, concise, and easily understood expectations and documentation
  • Technical excellence and high quality deployments

The 6-step process described below is designed to ensure every stage is transparent to the community while also eliciting impactful community input. This accelerated version will still ensure that community voices are addressed and will hopefully give everyone a chance to join the xx BetaNet.

Step 1: Questionnaire (April 24 - April 28th)

At the beginning of the initial process a questionnaire was run to understand community attitudes towards a variety of topics, and a followup questionnaire was run in April of this year. We have used this information to better inform the BetaNet and this process. Specific answers to the questionnaires have been kept anonymous.

Step 2: Application (May 21 - May 30)

Applications for the Violet team are now available! Applications will close on May 30th. This will be a rolling process with steps 3 and 4.

Step 3: Initial Screening (May 21 - June 2nd)

A rolling screening process for applications for the Violet team will begin on May 21st. Applications which are screened will be posted to the BetaNet Forum.

Step 4: Publish Applications (May 21 - June 2nd)

After screening, applications will be published to the xx network forum. The public will be given a chance to comment on both the process and the selected nodes, giving the xx network further insight into community opinion regarding the conduct of the selection process as well as any insights regarding any operators. This allows the network to screen the xx network’s decisions and helps ensure the process is not being manipulated. This process will also allow for public dispute resolution over the initial screening.

Step 5: Initial Decision and Public Discussion (June 4th - June 9th)

The xx network will make a preliminary decision, announce selection results and request public comment. This process will also allow for public dispute resolution over the selection.

Step 6: Final Decision (June 9th)

The xx network will make the final decision on the members of the violet team and will produce a document summarizing the selection process and describing the reasoning behind our decision making.

If you are interested in joining the Violet Team, please fill out an application here.

This methodology is built on historical precedence. Nowadays people tend to think of the internet as a public utility akin to the electric power grid or plumbing or running water. But there was a time early-on when this wasn’t the case, and attempts to standardize access to the Internet were high-stakes, and highly-contested. A new organization, the IETF, (Internet Engineering Task Force) emerged to help manage early standardization efforts and implement a methodology which, despite attempts by virtually every major Information Technology corporation to influence Internet standards in their own favor, ultimately led to the standard that brought us the Internet.

Our community-driven selection process draws from the IETF’s early methodology to create a robust, high-quality procedure for reaching agreement on this first vetted-set of BetaNet nodes.

US persons are not eligible to receive compensation in the BetaNet, however they are welcome to participate without compensation. xx network does not distribute, offer, solicit sales of, or sell any xx coins in any state or jurisdiction in which such a distribution, offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such state or jurisdiction.