Version .9 of the network dashboard is LIVE!

Version .9 of the network dashboard is now live at

This version was fast tracked to get key info into nodes’ hands asap, and we will be adding more data and improvements over the next few weeks. If you have any feature requests, bug reports, or other feedback please create a topic in this category, or comment on existing topics.


Is it possible to request my email address be hidden on my Node page, or even changed to an email address where I can receive any correspondence arising from it being on here?

Yes, that’s possible. You can update your info at the survey: and we will be batch updating the dashboard early next week.


That’s great @kated. Thanks

Feature request - Could you please add SMS notification to the node owner feature which node owner could manage through the dashboard account?
You know the state of the network and you could clearly identify node’s malfunctioning and the reason and send SMS notification with the fix details to the owner. It will be cheaper than each of us develop or adapt our own solutions. And the most important part is that node owner could immediately react so this will make whole network more resilient.

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I see my node on the dashboard - went online yesterday, but have to fix some network things later today and it should all be good. Does this mean I’m already in the count of “onboarded”, or is there something else to do after going back online?


Missed this when you first posted. You’re good- once you’ve gotten your registration code and finished your initial onboarding, you’ll be included in that tally even if you go offline temporarily. The status codes tied to your individual node are where you’ll see more timely changes. If your node goes offline for more than 5 min, it won’t cease being counted in the total node count, but you will see the “offline” status next to your node.

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One more (minor) question about the dashboard: I filled in the form for details to be displayed on the dashboard (name, description) a little while ago, but still can only find my node by the looooooong ID :slight_smile: Was wondering if the provided details will appear with some later release, or maybe worth re-submitting the form?


Dashboard down:

Dashboard went down for some updates this morning, should be back up and running now.

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Any feedback on this one? Version .9 of the network dashboard is LIVE! @kated


Anyone? :slight_smile:

To be honest, there is a problem with how WE handle dashboard modification requests. The changes you’re asking to be made are trivial changes but in a critical database. There are few people with access to that database. This has created a backlog of requests. We have determined a better way to handle the requests for dashboard modifications. All of the requests for modifications to individuals’ dashboard pages will be made once we have completed the transition to the new method of handling these requests.


My day job is product management (digital products and platforms), handling all sorts of “change requests” from backlog prio and engineering capacity perspective is a big part of what I do, so in case you guys are up for a second opinion, always happy to share a view or two :wink: Keep the good work going and happy winter holidays, when they come!

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Finally got all the parts and pieces together to expedite changes. Thought I’d let you know since you have been so understanding.

I don’t see a request based on your appID or email.
Would you be willing to submit the requested changes again via the BetaNet Dashboard Information?


Submitted info via the form again, hope it is visible now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update :wink:

Your info has been updated.

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