Version 2.0 of the dashboard is live


Version Notes:

  • Updated Navigation for ease of use
  • General UI updates across the site
  • Changed Default on Rounds view to be static
  • Users can now toggle auto updates on/off on rounds view and see the # of rounds since last refresh
  • Improved stability of SSE
  • Significant API side optimization
  • Added loading animation

Thanks everyone for your patience and hope you enjoy the updates! All the feature requests that have been submitted on the discord have been noted, we’re working on a roadmap of upcoming features so everyone knows what’s coming down the pipeline. If anyone has other feature requests, feel free to create a topic here in the forum or share in the Network Dashboard channel on Discord.


:clap: :clap: :clap:

looks nice!

looks pretty sexy ;=) good job

Excellent update! Looks really nice and now it works on my iPhone without delays. :+1:

The most important update are notifications for when the node is not online and I don’t see anyone addressing that issue.

You can easily do that using this solution.


looks great! :smiley:


Great news :+1:
In XX Network XX Coin We Trust

awesome job