URIs don't get converted to clickable links and messages can't be copied

URIs in messages don’t get converted to clickable links. Fine.
I wouldn’t call this a bug, but maybe some people won’t like it.
The way it works now means you can’t accidentally click on a link which can activate another application.

But there’s also no way to copy message content. Now we have a problem.

If someone sends me a cryptocurrency address to send money to or a long Web site link to some news site, I can’t do anything with that.

I think one of these things has to be changed - either ignore links or allow content to be copied. The second would work better because not all useful content is URIs.

I don’t know if anyone would like a separate type of message (which can’t be copied), maybe some would see that as a good feature, but I’d prefer that links remain disabled, which means I’d like to be able to opt out of this “disable copy (or forward)” feature when I send info that’s meant to be copied by the recepient.

I see “Url preview” (On/Off), currently not yet functional, is available in Settings.

“Allow Uri copying” is a less extreme option as it would make it possible to use the link in the application of one’s choosing (Tor Browser, for example).

I can confirm similar issues on Android. Link clicking works but it adds a prefix that breaks the link.

Copying message text will get added as a feature, looking like v1.2. We’re still finalizing the ux for urls and how much the user should be warned about privacy/what default should be enabled, but there will definitely be a usability improvement before public release. If anyone has any thoughts on how they would like to see URL’s handled feel free to share.

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My main concern with URLs is that “URL preview” - if it eventually get added - can be Disabled in settings.
I also wouldn’t want to automatically show Giphys/Memes, 1x1 pixels or other content that creates user-identifiable requests outside of XX Messenger network.

I’d also like XX Messenger to not automatically open clicked links (which can happen accidentally when selecting the URL to copy it). I know for most mobile apps the OS usually asks if we’d like to allow the app to open another application, so I think the same will apply to XX Messenger.