Uptick in timeouts?

Have there been more timeouts in past 2-3 days? The dashboard goes back 24 hours so it’s hard to tell.

I haven’t touched the node for weeks and in October it was not far from 100% up.
Today I took a look for the first time in November and found it’s been offline for 10% of the time.
And I’m seeing more timeouts too.

Anyone notice an uptick in timeouts/fasilures or downtime?

I had also a little more time-outs the last 3 days.

Thanks for sharing.

The dashboard is down right now so I can’t see if my timeouts % has declined.
I rebooted my node 39 days ago and haven’t had problems until I noticed this trend. What worries me some other nodes I looked at don’t look that bad so I’m wondering if it’s just me or maybe my ISP… I’ll keep an eye on this.

It’s not you probably some high timeout node who distribute these timeouts trough the whole network :frowning:
Some days ago decreasing until reach 0.9% and now increasing again to 1.2%

I don’t envy the devs to have to figure these things out, it must be damn hard and it’s hard to make reproducible tests/simulations. I wonder if there’s some prior art in this area by older coin projects (it’s still have to be reworked but maybe that’d save time).

Nope, the real-world deployment of David’s CMIX as xx network is a first. It is a challenge because as it is developed and deployed, we’re also learning. Our white papers and test are one thing. It is quite a different thing when you install it on 200+ computers located throughout the world. :exploding_head: