⚠ Updated Lost Important Files and Node Registration Reset Policy ⚠

As of April 27, 2021, we will no longer reset and reissue a registration key in the event a Node Operator loses the unique and irreplaceable *.key, *.crt and *.json files.

Until now we have been able to reset a node registrations and reissue registration keys. However, with the xx messenger soon to be running on the BetaNet, node migrations will begin the tax clients and will be much harder to accomplish. As a result, node resets can no longer occur.

It is the sole responsibility of the Node Operator to backup all certificates, private keys, and other important files as described in the Backup Important Files section of the Beta Node Handbook.

Like losing the keys to a cryptocurrency wallet, losing these files will make a node inaccessible.

As explained in the section Backup Important Files of the Beta Node Handbook.

File Default Name Default Location
Node’s public certificate node_cert.crt /opt/xxnetwork/creds/
Node’s private key node_key.key /opt/xxnetwork/creds/
Node’s ID file (IDF) nodeIDF.json /opt/xxnetwork/node-logs/
Gateway’s public certificate gateway_cert.crt /opt/xxnetwork/creds/
Gateway’s private key gateway_key.key /opt/xxnetwork/creds/
Gateway’s ID file (IDF) gatewayIDF.json /opt/xxnetwork/gateway-logs/

These files are irreplaceable and if lost will result in the node not being able to connect to the Permissioning Server and the node will no longer be able to participate in BetaNet.

We stress once again, these files are irreplaceable and it is your responsibility to store them safely.


Thanks very much,
The xx network Team


Thank you to send a remember to everyone

Just one thing can you put *.json files from “logs” folder to “creds” by default with the latest tarball ?
For some people logs are temporary files and can be deleted/cleaned/moved.

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