Unified polling and next steps

I wrote a blog post about the project we recently completed, Unified Polling.
We have been working on it for about two months, and will hopefully deploy it to the AlphaNet next week.

We are working on the two next steps in tandem, which are the testing of the GPU implementations in the NodeLab and implementing the full teaming algorithm.

We are actively deploying versions of the code using GPU exponentiation in the NodeLab and hope to have results and be able to report them to the community next week. We have been working on getting the core operations of the software working on GPU for over a year, and are pleased that it is finally integrated.

We are also actively working towards implementing the teaming algorithm, the core change which allows the mix network to support hundreds to thousands of nodes. We expect to finish that process in the coming weeks.

We are making good progress and expect to be code ready for BetaNet very soon.