Unexpected URL preview behavior identifies user's IP

Platform: iOS
OS Version: 15.2.1
Network type: WiFi
Issue type: Bug
App version: 1.0.2
Build number: 3278
SDK version: 4.0.0

Describe the Crash or Bug:

I reported this concern in beta, basically it’s about how preview works.

If I long-press on a link, that pops up the sharing menu. But it also pops up a preview (in the case of a Web site URL) window which is something that shouldn’t happen.

I pasted an HTTP link to a home PC where I started a simple Web server in to XXM, long-pressed on the link and I was able to see XXM make a request.

Serving HTTP on port 1080 ( ... - - [29/Jan/2022 21:37:06] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 

Obviously I wouldn’t want this window to pop up like that, which is what I mentioned in Beta, but seeing how easy it is to do this unintentionally, I’m thinking we should really be able to Disable auto formatting and auto recognition of links in Settings…

I’m not sure how easy this is to fix. We had disabled link previews in general because of this issue but I guess this is an OS feature we are not able to disable so easily?

I forwarded it to our iOS developer to investigate but it is not yet fixed. We plan to address it soon.

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That’s an interesting problem!

I just googled iOS Web preview and found something I didn’t know - not related to this particular problem but related to previews in Safari which may be useful to some iOS users (not xx messenger, though) in general.

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