The Road to BetaNet

The xx network team has been working hard getting the xx network ready for the public. We are excited to share that over the next few months we will deploy the xx network BetaNet. The process will open in May when we announce the specific technical, legal, and financial details for the BetaNet nodes.

On May 1st, select BetaNet nodes will be provided with the details, specifications, and specific tested hardware configurations. Through the NodeLab we are working to test more hardware to give operators as much choice as possible. Technical details go hand in hand with the legal and financial, and it is imperative that chosen node operators make an informed decision as to how and if they participate as a partner in the BetaNet moving forward.

Nodes will be chosen from those who have registered or KYCed(1) and been assigned a color group (Blue, White, Teal). Following the announcement, we will begin setting up and testing the BetaNet in early June, with the network going fully live in July. The intermediary “soft launch” will ensure a smooth operation of the network and to minimize the work required from node operators.

Please see the timeline below for more information.

Similar to our token sale and ERC1404 tokens, and due to the current regulatory environment, we believe it is necessary to KYC all BetaNet nodes for them to receive xx coin compensation. In order to ensure we’re meeting our regulatory requirements, we’re partnering with Coinbase-backed Tokensoft to automate the KYC and tax reporting requirements with their software platform. By KYCing everyone, we are also able to allow US natural persons as nodes and will provide them with the appropriate 1099, quarterly. We also allow all of our qualified BetaNet nodes to make a choice to receive payment monthly, or delay until Mainnet due to their individual tax and regulatory needs. The system will be open and located at If you are a BetaNet node that purchased in our sale, simply log back in on the same network to sign the contract. If you haven’t KYCed before the system will be open on May 1st for you to KYC and sign your new contract.

Privacy is paramount to our business. The same practices we used during the sale will be used again on these node applications. During the node application process, we were able to find a balance between the public’s need to review applications and the applicants’ need for privacy. The same kind of oversight and privacy protections will be necessary throughout the BetaNet. We will continue to use the same soft anonymization techniques and you can review our privacy policy here and our terms of use here. Please note you can ask us to delete PII at any time (but that will exclude you as a node.)

If you have any questions about the upcoming process please email [email protected]

Looking forward to partnering on the xx network with you.

(1) As defined by international Anti-money Laundering laws


Thanks Keith. Excited to see a real timeline after a good long waiting period from application! Looking forward to the specs and nice to hear there is actual compensation for betanet - that’s always been a bit up in the air previously.

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Good news. I admire your seriousness and methodology, aligned with the greatness of privacy.

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Thanks for the information Keith! Looking forward to all of this :sparkles::smile:

Great news! Looking forward for updates!!!