"Tap to resend" photos doesn't work

Phone specs

Samsung S21 (standard version)
Model SM-G911W
ONE UI version 4.0
Android version 12
Last google play version update :Feb 1 2022

Ok so when I sent a photo and it didn’t go through there is a little note at the bottom of the picture that says “Tap to resend” but when I click on it it just goes into the photo and there is an option to download that photo. Also, if I try to click and hold on the photo I tried to send I get the options to delete or copy the file as usual.
There’s no option to resend. I thought maybe it was working but no animation was happening on my end but on my wife’s phone, when I tap the photo on my phone to resend, nothing is happening either.

Can you check you have the latest version …

Yes I have

Build 483
Version 2.02
Xxdk 4.0

My wife has the
Iphone 13 standard edition
Software version 15.3.1
apple version 1.06
Build 27
Xxdk 4.0.0