SSD/NVMe expected life expectancy?

I’m looking at a few nvme options to run a node :

#1 SanDisk 内蔵 M.2-2280 SSD/Extreme Pro 1TB / PCIe Gen3 NVMe / 5年保証/ SDSSDXPM2-1T00-G25
Read 3,400 MB/s
Write 2,800 MB/s

500K IOPS Read
400K IOPS Write
Reliability 300 TBW

#2 SAMSUNG サムスン 970 PRO MZ-V7P1T0YO3 [NVMe SSD 970 PRO M.2 1TB バックアップSWダウンロード付] MZ-V7P1T0B/IT同様
Read 3,500 MB/s
Write 2,700 MB/s

? IOPS Read
? IOPS Write
Reliability ?

General question about measuring the reliability of SSDs and how much can expect their life expectancy to be shortened under the load of running a node ?

Total terabytes written over time (TBW)
Drive writes per day (DWPD)
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)

The requirements page :

Storage 1: 1TB High Speed Enterprise NVME (PCI) SSD

Recommended speed: 500,000 /500,000 IOPS

Recommended Reliability: 1.5 million hours MTBF

Example: Samsung 970 PRO SSD 1TB - M.2 NVMe

Note: SSD reliability is not as important for the BetaNet when there will not be a large number of transitions. It is likely that lower endurance SSDs will be fine but will need to be replaced when it comes time for MainNet. If an SSD fails, it could take substantial time before a node is able to get back online.


Samsung Pro are the only one drive (and not anymore the latest version) to use MLC flash memory only without SLC cache who give good write speed and pretty high durability due to MLC. Latest Pro version use too a SLC cache for increase speed :frowning:
Most nvme drive have a SLC cache (size depend of the manufacturer) and write on TLC or QLC flash after.

I not know how work this soft but for me the best way is use ram for store temporary datas ( /tmp ) if generate a lot of write/erase commands and one time transaction is completed should be write definitively on drive for limit writing on this drive. TLC give enough bandwidth/IO for read data and reading not damaged or affect lifespan of the drive. I like Adata SX8200 Pro drive because cheaper price Micron TLC chips with huge SLC cache. For the beta node I try one of their SX6000 Pro controller not so good and Sandisk chip memory not know their quality never used.

SSD with 5 years warranty are manufactured for last 5 years so not worry too much about the drive choose.

=> One latest thing USE a TRUE radiator on these drives because produce a lot of heat and have a internal throttling but it’s better to use a radiator for not reach this throttling !
I use them and they are good without fan but made a model with fan too probably produce more noise.
With fan :
Without fan :

Better radiator found due to screw and just add thin layer of thermal pad 0.5mm or 1mm on both side of your M.2.

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Check these 2 out:
Samsung Evo 980 Pro & Corsair Force MP600.

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