Server options for colocation

Hi I have been looking at some existing options to build a server.

What would be the recommendation for a CPU only server in CPU benchmark rating?

Also, with a dedicated GPU, would a dual Intel Xeon X5-2630 V2 and 16GB be sufficient? It is rated at almost 14.000 at CPU benchmark.

Have a look at the handbook, Pages 3 & 4, which has the specs of various setups. There are specs for computers which will run just the node software, just the gateway software and both on the same computer.

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Yeah I saw that. But it doesn’t have specs for CPU only. Read on the forum an expensive threadripper would be sufficient so I was wondering about a minimum CPU only solution for a node.

And I guess I was wishful thinking because the 1.4 version of the docs also states around 15.500 cpu benchmark and a good GPU. So maybe 14.000 is just underpowered. Was wondering how much the CPU would matter if it has a good GPU.

Maybe a home build like you did is a better and cheaper option. Only in a datacenter it seems better to use real server hardware.