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Welcome to the xx network support forum!

The xx network is a new type of blockchain and communications platform, a protected digital sphere, through which its users can share ideas and exchange value in a secure and private way.

The xx messenger is the first dApp on the xx network and delivers a new type of message: the xm. Mix message (xm) technology ensures users’ messages are not only end to end encrypted but also are stripped of all metadata, protecting all private user information.

No one, not even a mix network itself, is capable of seeing who an xm is from or to, or able to read the contents of the communication. The xx network implements a breakthrough mix protocol called cMix.

Currently, this forum is for:

  • Users who are looking to get answers to support questions for the xx messenger
  • Viewing the change log and update history of the xx messenger
  • Getting answers to technical questions related to the xx messenger from our dev team

Getting Started:

  • Create an account on the forum. This is separate from your xx messenger account for security and privacy.
  • Read the xx messenger FAQ before posting a new topic.


  • Be respectful of others
  • No inappropriate language
  • All posts should be xx messenger related
  • If someone has already started a thread for your issue, please leave a comment on that thread and do not create a new thread.

** Questions related to the xx coin sale will be removed. All xx coin support questions should be directed to [email protected] **

General Forum Overview

  • You can post and comment using Markdown or BBCode formats.
  • As you use the forums more, you’ll unlock more trust levels to participate and help with the curation and moderation of the community (similar to Stack Overflow).
  • You can flag inappropriate, off-topic and offensive posts for attention by the moderators - please help to keep this a great, friendly space for discussion.

More about xx network

You can check out the xx network development timeline here: and the official xx messenger page here:

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