Review the initial selection of Orange Group II!

We are happy to announce that the initial selection of Orange Group II BetaNet node operators can be found here.

This selection process was relatively more straightforward than the previous ones as we did not encounter any major complications and found that it was easier to pinpoint the applications that merited to be included in the initial list based primarily on their quality and the feedback obtained.

As in our previous selections, when making a decision, we relied on a number of important key factors. We prioritized complete applications that provided high-caliber answers. We also focused on applications that indicated they could meet the previously announced hardware and bandwidth requirements, as highlighted here. We also took into consideration the response that we received in the BetaNet forum and the discourse that stemmed from the participation of both the community and the applicants.

We want to emphasize that the point of an initial selection and a final selection is to give the community a chance to comment on our selection approach. This is a critical step in our process as it encourages the community to provide invaluable feedback and it allows us to accept clarification on incomplete applications that have potential but require further information.

If you were not chosen, please remember that this is an initial selection and subject to change. Participation in the community is one of our strongest criteria for selection, so please speak out and let us know why we should reconsider your application. We also invite the community to please review the selection and give us their honest feedback!

Thank you,
xx node team


Ready to start, what is required ?

Hello @ysp-sz, applications are currently open to the second round of public comment. We will be posting the final decision next week and will then send you an email with further instructions on how to proceed. Thank you!


Excellent! Looking forward to joining the network.

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Great news, thanks. Looking forward to running a node!


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Hi, good news

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Hello! I want to take part in raising a node and be a validator. Can the forum moderators or support send a questionnaire to my address? Thank.

@Markus @Anna, thank you for your interest in applying to run a node. Here is the link to the application:

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Hello, today can I apply to launch a node? if not, will there still be groups for mainnet?

Yes, you still can apply here.