Resend request for contact is not working

Platform: Both parties are iOS
OS Version: 15.1.1
Network type: Both on WiFi
Issue type: Both a crash and a bug
App version: 1.0.2
Build number: 3278
SDK version: 4.0.0

Myself and a friend have had a ‘stuck’ contact request since the first version. This latest version allows retrying the contact request.

My friend hits ‘Resend’ and I do get a push notification at my end. On tapping the notification, my app opens, and when I expect the main screen to appear, the whole app crashes. On tapping back into the app, it loads fine, but there are no new requests and the friend is still in requests sent.

If I stay in the app when a Resend request is send, nothing at all happens. If I do the ‘resend’ request, curiously their app doesn’t crash but also nothing happens and the contact (me) remains in Requests Sent.

We are working on enabling deleting/resending of requests. The latest builds have a retry button. Please let me know if that works.

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I’m on iOS build 3287 v1.0.4 and have tried the ‘resend’ option many times to no avail. I’m guessing I need to wait for a released update.

Thanks for following up. I’m hoping it makes it into Monday’s build.